Balaji (B.A.C)

Balaji KEWDA Incense Sticks Zipper (130 gms)

Balaji KEWDA Incense Sticks Zipper (130 gms)

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Why buy 'Balaji KEWDA Incense Sticks'?

  • Its Smell triggers memories, experiences and events from this life, and it is an historical truth as told to us by the holy Saints.
  • With a tangy, refreshing fragrance, Balaji Kewda helps clear away mental cobwebs and creative blocks. Excellent for aromatherapy.

  • Its sweet powdery fragrance is spread quickly and effectively. It is famous for its ability to control and counter foul odor and enhance positive vibes.

  • Each Pack consists of 130g incense Sticks, that lasts nearly half hour

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