Balaji (B.A.C)

Balaji VANDAN PARADISE Dhoop Cones (120 gms)

Balaji VANDAN PARADISE Dhoop Cones (120 gms)

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Why buy 'Balaji VANDAN PARADISE Dhoop Cones'

  • Incense sticks have components that have anti-bacterial properties that help keep diseases at bay by killing germs and keeping your surroundings sanitized. 

  • Incense sticks are commonly found in ayurvedic centres and meditation places is that the aroma of these products contains strong properties which activate the body’s receptors. 
  • These Dhoop Sticks also make the perfect mood enhancer and are a great way to add some extra fragrance to the air around you.  

Product details

1 pack contains approx 120g cones with a burning time of 15-20 minutes each. 

Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 26 Centimeters

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