Phool CITRONELLA Luxury Incense Cones (40 cones)

Phool CITRONELLA Luxury Incense Cones (40 cones)

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Phool CITRONELLA Luxury Incense cones

  • Phool citronella incense cones are natural mosquito repellents, protecting you from mosquitoes while you get quality sleep.
  • Phool Citronella luxury incense cones also guarantee relief from anxiety. It will help you revitalize your body and relax your mind. Citronella is also commonly used for Aromatherapy, Home fragrance, Meditation, and Yoga.

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    Each box of Phool Citronella dhoop cones contains approx 40 cones of 3.5 cm with a burning time of 35 minutes each. 

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