Phool PATCHOULI Essential Oil (10ML)

Phool PATCHOULI Essential Oil (10ML)

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Patchouli essential oil is ideal for:

Aromatherapy & Emotional Relaxation
The uniquely grounding scent of the oil has the power to instill peace and help the body & mind de-stress after a long day. Add a few drops of the essential oil in a diffuser to disperse the fragrance & create a calming environment.

It slows down the aging process of the skin cells and helps reduce scars & stretch marks. Mix a few drops of the essential oil either with your carrier oil or with aloe vera gel, blend the two, and massage onto your face. Keep away from your eyes. 

Add a few drops of the essential oil to your bathtub or bucket and gently mix with water to prepare the most relaxing bath.


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