Phool SANDALWOOD Incense Cups (16 Cups)

Phool SANDALWOOD Incense Cups (16 Cups)

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  • Uplift your home with the enriching fragrance of Phool Sandalwood Havan cups.One of the earliest used fragrances, sandalwood has long been celebrated for its rich woody fragrance notes and is known world over for its deeply calming and healing properties. Unlike the cheap sandalwood havan cups flooding the market mixed with synthetic oil and sawdust,Phool Sandalwood Havan cups are certified by Fairtrade Fair for Life standard and approved by Ecocert Greenlife Home Fragrance Standard.You can be rest assured of the purity of it’s fragrance.


    What makes these sandalwood Havan cups different : 


    • Contains ethically sourced sandalwood from small farmer families. 
    • Made from temple flowers and handcrafted by women flowercyclers. 
    • Diffuse to give out a sweet woody fragrance rich with calming properties.
    • Does not contain any harmful or residual matter.

    Each box contains 16 cups and one free ceramic holder aesthetically designed to handle cups efficiently.

    Directions for Use-


    • Light the cup at one edge with a medium flame and ensure it is burning before blowing it out.
    • Put the lit cup in the provided cup holder.
    • Place the cup in your preferred space and transform its ambience.(For better effect place it mid or large sized rooms to ensure steady spread)
    • Relax & Unwind in the calming fragrance. 

    Please note : Do not directly hold the cup once if it stops burning, use the free holder provided for handling the cup while using or once done.

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